A full-stack digital marketing company that gets you the result!

At Zain Ul Haq, we bring a complete suite of digital marketing solutions exploiting all available channels and platforms to deliver an all-inclusive experience.

Social Media Marketing

At Zain Ul Haq, we love to get engaged in long-term partnerships with our clients to deliver them with tailored digital marketing solutions, meant to transform their businesses into brands.

We firmly believe that each business is unique in the most subtle way and deserves an equally bespoke digital marketing strategy that’s carved out of its needs and bottom lines. That’s why, at Zain Ul Haq, we like to understand each and every client’s business model and together carved out a winning strategy that suits your needs.

Your business’ online presence is quintessential to your success. At Zain Ul Haq, we ensure your business gets a constant supply of targeted traffic and that traffic derived to your business website is engaged to and passed through the sales funnel to eventually help you drive profile. We are passionate to deliver unprecedented success to businesses by employing all-inclusive digital marketing strategy, so you can enjoy all the spotlight, you deserve.

O U R    V I S I O N

At Zain Ul Haq, our vision is to become one of the leading premium online marketing services offering full-stack marketing services for all digital platforms including SEO, SMM and PPC. Each day we strive even harder to refine our strategies and stay at par with state-of-the-art technologies to businesses in Pakistan grow and excel in the online industry.

O U R    M I S S I O N

At Zain Ul Haq our mission is to offer businesses in Pakistan a reliable and affordable opportunity to expand their online businesses to full potential and help them compete on the national and international stage. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have helped hundreds of local businesses to grow exponentially and we strive to continue facilitating small and medium Pakistani businesses to scale.

Your Trusted Digital Marketing Partner!

We have partnered with some of Pakistan’s leading brands and helped them explore the new frontiers in the digital world.


Some remarkable events our digital marketing agency went through.


The Beginning

From a humble beginning from a small one room, two brothers set out on a mission of leading the digital landscape in Pakistan. Their vision quickly gained traction, as they gained a plethora of new experiences and explore new opportunities. 10 years and 500+ global clientele down the line, we are ever closer to achieving the dream.


A Dream Beginning

The momentum continued throughout the first year as we saw exponential growth in our clientele. We were able to list some of the leading companies as well as promising startups in our clientele, from eCommerce stores to travel and retail industry. This was also the time we started building our core team of some amazingly passionate digital specialists that were going to lead us to new frontiers down the line.


The Tipping Point

With stellar starting, we soon break achieve our first milestone in revenue. This was also the point when we truly saw the difference we were bringing to our clients. There is no better feeling than seeing your hard work paying off to your clients and this only reaffirm our commitment to the industry as we brace ourselves for new horizons.


Breaking the Shackles

This was the year where we expanded our operations to the national level. We were set to reach to the national market and solidify our presence across the country. We successfully enlisted numerous national-level businesses in our clientele and explore new markets.


Exploring into Unchartered Territory

After the success at the national level, it was inevitable for us to break the shackles and explore previously unchartered territories. We expanded our operations vertically and horizontally while becoming a full-stack digital marketing agency and a force to reckon in national and international markets.


Expanding the Army

After 8 successful years of operations, we now boast a formidable team of specialists from various digital fields from web designing to development and from digital marketing to advertising and influencer management. We reinforce our team to solidify our operations and become the leader in Pakistan’s digital landscape.


The Fastest Growing Tech Company in Pakistan

The race has just begun… We have achieved our dream of becoming the leading player in Pakistan’s digital landscape and are already planning to continue our reign as dominant force for the next decade with massive investment into futuristic technologies and core human resources.