Artificial Intelligence & SEO: 3 Strategies You Need to Follow

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You must have heard about Artificial Intelligence or AI, because it’s a buzz word today…

However, most people aren’t fully aware of the true potential of this futuristic technology. For many people AI is the face of “the rise of machines”, which although correct to some extent isn’t fully true.

Artificial Intelligence is basically the rise of intelligent machines; programs which are able to learn by themselves and can be trained by sample data-sets.

Now, artificial intelligence has been integrated across various fields and sectors. One sector in particular where AI has made significant strides is Search Engine Optimization of SEO. This is in particular helped by the fact that Google; the largest search engine in the world is also one of the biggest players associated with the development of Artificial Intelligence. The search engine giant has long been exploiting the potential of AI to create intelligent algorithms and produce better results.

This quest towards AI is a necessity for Google, which has to handle billions of searches each day and out of those billions, nearly 20% are unique searches; which aren’t made before. So, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the progress towards AI is a compulsion for Google.

How AI helps in refining SEO algorithms?

Think about this, when you want to search something over the internet, you are making search queries in form of sentences like “affordable SEO services in Pakistan” or “best SEO consultants in Pakistan” against which powerful algorithms are able to not just give you the precise answers but also other relevant results.

By exploiting the power of AI, Google has been able to refine its search results and understand complex unique queries users are making each day. For instance, when I searched for the birthdate of PM Imran Khan’s wife and searched for it. It showed the answer for his current wife and past wives as well without even mentioning their name.

How to get AI-powered SEO algorithms to work for your business?

Now, with billions of daily users, it’s a cut-throat competition amongst businesses to achieve higher Google rankings and there’s no other way to achieve that other than going with the right SEO strategy.

As one of the premium SEO consultants in Pakistan, we have been offering local businesses affordable and reliable SEO services; facilitating them to achieve full business potential. Below we have come up with 3 key strategies that you need to focus on to be able to achieve higher rankings by playing fair and square as per the AI-powered Google search engine algorithms.

–    Focus on Keyword Research

As mentioned earlier, keywords represent the key; using which users will be able to find your business. Over the years Google has been tweaking its algorithms in a bet to ensure fair competition amongst businesses and negate any black hat technique to achieve ranking.

Now with the most powerful AI-powered SEO algorithms, it’s utmost necessary for businesses to consider the full impact of choosing the right keywords and come up with unique combinations because, with AI-powered RankBrain at work, you need to be at your toes to choose the best and most relevant keywords.

–    Craft Good quality and content with relevance

So, the process flows like when you search something on google and find a relevant result and go to that page and spend some time there. Google will know that this page is helpful for the users and it will be ranked higher for that query, vice-versa for some thin quality content when the user leaves early in it will be ranked lower.

Tip: Time spent on the page and content relevancy is measured by Google AI.

So, what is the catch here? Your content must be long but relevant to the search and must be in-depth. It must have headings and bullet points, studies show that long and in-depth articles rank higher as compared to their counterparts.

–    Mobile is the latest Necessity 

You must think again and strategies again if you are only optimizing for desktop.

Now everybody has mobile devices with them and they search for everything on their handhelds. Approximately 40% of users use their mobile devices to perform a search. So, you must optimize for a mobile device in terms to get better results, and it is highly recommended by the SEO consultants in Pakistan also.

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