Best SEO Tools To Use, By SEO Experts Around the World

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SEO is the field in which you have to carry out every single step manually, there is no automatic traffic generating tool in the field of Search Engine Optimization. You have to carry out manual steps and tricks for link building (off-page) and on-page SEO. But however, after the usage of some tools you can convert the SEO process from fully manual to semi-manual. So, what are these tools through which you can make you SEO semi-manual? The SEO specialists/ Experts around the world have listed the best SEO tools which can make your work easy. And we here in this article will mention only a few of those tools. If you want a detailed description and the whole list of such tools you can either get in touch with SEO experts or can yourself find out the tools through internet search. Here is a list of paid and unpaid/ free tool.

Unpaid/ Free tools:

  • Google webmaster: Webmaster is a tool for website owners through which they can easily check the status of their websites. This is Google’s one of the best services which is free of cost. Through it a person can check the number of links submitted, what number of links is indexed, in what on-page content there is duplication etc.
  • Moz SEO toolbar: Another much important SEO tool through which you can easily listen the page and domain authority and also can check the information related to back link directly and immediately. This is the reason behind the excess use of this tool by SEO experts as through it one can instantly have a glance of the whole site.
  • Google Analytics: This is an advanced SEO tool which is mainly used by people to see the organic and business traffic on their sites. The feature due to which it becomes the most advanced tool is its capability to increase the number of users.
  • Screaming Frog: This is another advanced and one of the best featured SEO tools which is being used by several SEO experts. The reason behind it being one of the best featured tools is that this tool allows you to search scripts, websites, links, images and several other things giving an overview of the searched items as well.
  • Google Page Speed Insight: This tool is being used to increase the loading speed of a page and this feature of this tool makes it an outstanding tool which encourages SEO personals or website owners to use the tool.
  • Google Trends: Another most important tool is Google Trend which keeps you up to date on every latest industry trend in the field of Search Engine Optimization. This tool also helps the optimizer in getting comprehensive support regarding the keyword research.

Paid Tools:

  • Moz: This paid tool gives you a lot of assistance in order to increase your page rank. It provides you the on-page suggestions, landing page tracking, analytic data, keyword tracking etc. the cost this amazing tool is $99.

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