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Elite Services is one of the leading fumigations and cleaning Services companies in Pakistan, with headquarter in Karachi. The company is a subsidiary of the Canadian fumigation business, bringing in over a decade of experience in the industry. The company is also offering integrated pest control services, as well as, offering certifications to other fumigation businesses in the country.

Leads Generated through Google Ads Campaign
Traffic Overview


While the company has various Unique Selling Points (USPs), the most pressing challenge faced by us was the lack of public awareness towards the sector. The uphill battle thereby was to launch an all-out brute Google Paid Campaign for audience awareness, as well as, selling the USPs of the business.


The uniqueness of the client business was an asset as well as a challenge for our expert marketers. By expert analysis of the market, the biggest challenge to meet was to create a market for the business. This was met by strategizing a tactical Google Ads campaign, which was designed to create a sense of awareness in the market.

As one of the leading Google Ads marketers in the country, our expert marketers fully understand market dynamics in the country. Our first step was to gather the ground data for the target audience which in this case was households, offices, whereas, other fumigation services were the secondary target market. Once we had the data, we created a customized and detailed Google Ads campaign, with the following principals:

  • Researching the industry, competitors and potential audience
  • Creation of interactive and engaging content for sector awareness
  • Creation of interactive and engaging content for brand awareness
  • Execution of Google Ads strategy
  • Consistent monitoring and reporting of the strategy implementation
  • Optimizing the strategy Life-cycle

Over the project life-cycle, we were able to significantly improve across all the important check marks, successfully creating a market buzz, as well as, gaining various large clients for the business. We were also able to create a strong sense of awareness amongst the target audience for the business, which supplemented the leads generated through the Google Ads campaign.


During the period of March 5, 2019, to April 1, 2017, we generated:

  • 3,464 Clicks
  • 94,197  Impressions
  • 2.19% Conversion Rate
  • 500+ Clients

2.19% Conversion Rate

94, 197 Impressions

600+% ROI

From The Client

“Zain Ul Haq was recommended to us by a friend, who has had a successful project with these guys. Over time, our experience with Zain Ul Haq has remained great. Zain himself leads every project and makes sure that the client is kept aware at every stage of the campaign. We have had a pretty long project discussion with the entire team during our early days and really appreciate the patience and passion of the entire team. Today, with hundreds of leads and jobs, we are exceptionally satisfied with the way Zain and his team have handled our project. We have move-on from Google Ads to SEO campaigns as well. I will highly recommend Zain Ul Haq to all international businesses looking to expand their footprints in Pakistan’s market.”

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