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Happy Events is one of the few professional event management companies in Pakistan, headquartered in Karachi. The company offers the complete suite of event management services including parties, corporate gatherings, bachelors party, birthdays, weddings and other events.

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The company was relatively new as compared to some of the other players in the market and looking to increase their reach with an interactive social media presence.


Each business is unique in its true sense and thereby, needs a customized approach that’s tailored to meet the specific organizational bottom-lines, while keeping the business model in-sight.

As a leading social media marketing agency in Pakistan, we understand the importance of sticking to the core principals of social media marketing. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of businesses to get phenomenal reach and success through customized social media marketing services.
In this case, we implemented out 5 core principles that include:

  • Researching the industry, competitors and potential audience
  • Creation of interactive and engaging content as well as the development of growth strategy
  • Execution of content and follower strategy
  • Consistent monitoring and reporting of the strategy implementation
  • Optimizing the strategy Lifecycle

This strategy ensures that we are able to hit all the important checkmarks required to boost the business across all important social media platforms. We take on board the company officials and train them to make interactive talks with potential customers connecting over social media platforms.


During the period of January 01, 2019, to December 31, 2019, we generated:

6,000+ Likes

PKR 51.89 CPL

400% ROI

From The Client

“To be honest, the guys at Zain Ul Haq are worth every bit of praise and appreciation. Not only they were able to help meet our organizational goals, they actually exceeded our expectations by going above and beyond in their service. From the formidable understanding of our business model to their ability to come up with original and interactive posts week after weeks, these guys certainly know how to connect businesses with their audience and transform businesses into the brand. Today, we are exceptionally proud to be reaching a far greater audience with a well-established online reputation and engaging interactions. To say the least, Zain is simply a marketing freak and there’s nothing you can loose and everything you can gain by taking these amazing guys on board for your business’s social media marketing needs.”

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