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Rapid clean is a Karachi, Pakistan based home and car cleaning startup. The company’s unique selling point lies in its international cleaning standards as well as offering door to door car cleaning services – a concept that is still relatively new in Karachi. The exceptional quality standards and door-to-door service deliverance help rapid clean gain quite a few clients.


As a relatively new business, the company was looking to raise brand awareness as well as to gain some vital clients to sustain and grow.
The company was primarily looking to attract business using social media channels while leveraging on its quality and door-step service deliverance.


By keeping a strong focus on a simplistic approach to brand building, we created the social media campaign with a promotional teaser, highlighting the unique selling point of the business. To help business gain traction, the full-fledge Facebook campaign was followed a week later, to bring in more visibility, engagement, and connections to the business. We leverage the door-step car cleaning service by connecting with the right audience, while also running various promotional campaigns to help win more customers. The whole campaign ensures that rapid clean become a renowned and trusted home and car cleaning provider in Karachi.


During the period of May 2019, to December 2019, we generated:

  • $0.34 per Facebook Fan
  • 45,743 Total Engagements
  • $0.03 per Engagement
  • 9-point lift in favorability
  • 7-point drop in the unconvinced market
  • 1.2 million Consumers reached

Key Takeaway

Social media platforms remain viable and potent marketing force to drive brand awareness campaigns as well as to generate customers. Facebook remains one of the more powerful and highly engaging social media platforms, which when exploited fully, can be used to design the entire sales funnel for businesses, especially for local businesses.

$0.34 CPL

45,743 Engagement

1.2M Reach

From The Client

“Honestly, from the moment we have had our first meeting with the guys at Zain Ul Haq, we were impressed by their passion. They were amazingly open to share their knowledge with us and help us understand the working of social media campaigns and how they aim to bring results to us. What really amazed me about these guys was their interest in understanding the business model by constantly asking questions (can be intimidating sometimes). Nonetheless, we are very happy with the results so far and achieved all the key metrics that we set at the beginning of the contract. We are keeping these guys as our social media partners for as long as we continue doing business and definitely recommend them as a trusted Karachi based social media marketing partner for all local businesses.”

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