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Solar Pakistan is a Karachi based startup solar company offering highest-quality solar products and customized renewable energy solutions to businesses in Pakistan. The unique selling point of the company remains in its top-tier produces that generate high-performance for residential and commercial customers.  The company aims to build overtime a sustained business network across the country with a strong focus on customer service and deliverance.


Though still in its early days, the solar energy solutions have picked up quite a lot of traction in the market with some of the large industrial players taking the major share in terms of visibility and brand awareness. The key challenge, in this case, was to gradually build up brand awareness by attracting an increasing number of organic traffic to the website.


As we finalize the contract with Solar Pakistan, our strategy was strongly focused to build strong and consistent brand awareness for the client. To tackle the challenge of dominating market players, we put a strong emphasis on online reputation management, by launching branding campaigns for the client.

Apart from off-page SEO management, we simultaneously started revamping the business website of the client, making it more appealing and in-line with Google’s SEO guidelines. The focus for online SEO remains to create high-quality, rich and engaging content that sums up the company principals and connect to the target audience.

Over the years working with Solar Pakistan, we were able to considerably increase the organic traffic to their website as well as significantly increase the brand awareness of the brand. Today, Solar Pakistan stands as a reputed and widely known solar energy solution provider in Karachi, Pakistan.


  • Increased Traffic

A YoY increase of +83.19% for all traffic, 2018 vs 2017

A YoY increase of +48.38% for organic traffic, 2018 vs 2017

  • Improved Rankings

#1 position in Google for the keyword “solar system pakistan”

1st-page positions in Google for keywords including solar panel pakistan, solar solutions, solar power system in pakistan etc.

+83.19% All Traffic

+48.38% Organic

81.20% Mobile Traffic

From The Client

"From the very beginning, Zain seemed to us as a level-headed and open person who’s ready to go to any extent to help our business sustain and develop over time. Although initially, we were dubious of the potential of SEO campaigns, the guys at Zain Ul Haq never leave us stranded and helped us understand the process and difficulties. Today we are quite happy to continue our partnership with Zain looking forward to getting even better results in the future."

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